★Chicist Fine Jewelry: 優質的鑽石系列,以好搭配的款式為主。目前儘提供VIP顧客預約參觀。
★Chicist Chic: 主要以珠寶的鑲工創造新式、不退潮流的飾品,如黑薔薇的印記、經典系列...等。
★Chicist Charming: 主要以墜飾、異素材結合的創意飾品,可搭配當季的潮流服飾、具時尚風格的款式為主,如人魚公主的奇幻歷險、 Mon Amie-Natalie...等

CHICIST’s philosophy is to provide “Custom Jewelry”; we expect ourselves to introduce the new experience toward accessories and collocation aesthetics to our clients. The concept of design mainly focuses on the mixture of classicism and modernism, practicability, and joyfulness.

CHICIST’s main product items comprise:
★CHICIST Fine Jewelry: superior-quality diamond series, mainly providing well-collocated items. For now, CHICIST only provides our VIP guests to visit our shop on reservation basis.
★CHICIST Chic: mainly providing new-style and never-outdated accessories through jewelry processing, e.g. The Sign Of Inky Rose、The Classic Collection…。 
★CHICIST Charming: mainly providing creative accessories for fashionable dresses in season by combining pendants and different materials, e.g. Magic Adventures Of The Little Mermaid、Mon Amie-Natalie…。

公司名稱: 頤芙飾品設計股份有限公司
服務電話: 0287733499
商店地址: 台北市106大安區敦化南路1段225號9樓之10